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This is a short sentence about who we are and what we do here is a short sentence.

The freshest, most local salad in Bristol

The Severn Project is a social enterprise producing and supplying the highest quality salad to food-lovers across Bristol and beyond. But we’re more than simply the purveyors of the area’s freshest leaves. Our urban farms are run by passionate individuals with track records in helping people from socially excluded groups, such as those recovering from substance misuse, with poor mental health or offending backgrounds.

We know you’ll love our salad leaves. This is why we’re ready to dispatch a free sample to your Bristol-based shop, restaurant or wholesaler today. Call us on 07960 290943 to arrange a delivery time. We’ll do the rest.

Our product story

"The Severn Project really gets the link between the environment and society. Not only do they produce planet friendly food but they also improve the general well being of all Bristolians. It is a visionary project that deserves our full support."

Cllr and Cabinet Member Gus Hoyt (Green Party)

Grown by hand, harvesting social impact

Delivering financial, social and environmental returns

Since its launch in May 2010, the Severn Project has held two goals in equal measure: to provide our customers with the best salad leaves money can buy, while also helping socially excluded groups to build new and rewarding lives through employment, training and education.

As our business grows, so does our impact. In addition to reinvesting all the profit we make back into our business, we are increasingly building working relationships with a number of corporate partners, whose staff volunteer their time and expertise to growing our business – and impact – further.

Find out more about our services and their impact.

How we work Our Impact

“Before I joined the Severn Project I was in a mess. I had no job, my family barely spoke to me and I was severely depressed. Since joining, all of these have been reversed. I see my family regularly and I keep busy working for the project 3 days a week.

I’m starting to take control of my life and I’m on my way to being employed and becoming a functioning member of society. I’m feeling happy for the first time in years!”

John, Severn Project member
See the locations

Bristol Born & Bred

The Severn Project has 12 acres of land on two sites – Templemeads and Whitchurch. We have a total of 3/4 of an acre of polytunnels, and a loyal and fast growing customer base.

Temple Meads - central growing hub

The Templemeads site is adjacent to the railway station and has a completely different feel to it from either of the other sites.

Whitchurch - garden, farm shop & cafe

Again, our five acre Whitchurch site has a character all of its own. We have an Asda store on one edge and are surrounded by houses on another two.

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